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History Seminar Spring 2013 Schedule

May 8, 2013

Youth in Ukraine: College and Beyond

Presented by Marina Tolmachėva, Professor of History, Washington State University

In the twenty-two years since Ukraine's independence (1991) a new generation has grown that did not experience life in the USSR. Young people of this generation will move Ukraine forward and become part of a new Europe. What are the choices facing them today? What are the challenges and opportunities awaiting them in the near future? How is Ukraine moving from post-Soviet education to what prepares the young people for global citizenship in 21st century society? Marina Tolmachėva will address these questions by drawing on recent Ukrainian history as well as her experiences in Ukraine and especially in Kiev, where she spent a semester on a Fulbright.

May 1, 2013

A Matter of Choice: George Pickett and James Alden-San Juan Island and Civil War Connections

Presented by Mike Vouri, Chief of Interpretation & Historian, San Juan Island National Historical Park

When the Civil War broke out in April 1861, there were some three hundred West Point graduates stationed west of the Mississippi, many of them in Washington Territory. Their loyalties tested, they and their Navy counterparts had to choose sides. In this presentation Mike Vouri explores the Civil War careers of two officers with Northwest connections: one in the Army, the other in the Navy; one who joined the Confederacy, the other the Union.

April 24, 2013

Magic Box: The Photography of Hannah Maynard

Presented by Susan Rich, Diversity & Global Studies and English Instructor

The history of photography is filled with haunting images and strange characters. A woman stands in a keyhole, a little boy is split in two, and a tea party happens in the strangest of circumstances. Photographs by Hannah Maynard and poems by Susan Rich (inspired by Maynard's work) will be looked at and questioned. Most of all, we'll see how 19th-century Victorian beliefs crossed paths with the new "technologies" of cameras and bicycles: the computers and smart phones of the time.

April 17, 2013

NEPA at 40-something

Presented by Ivan White, Retired Environmental Consultant

1970 was a big year for the environment in the United States: Earth Day was born, the Environmental Protection Agency was created, and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was signed into law. Although NEPA might not be well known by everyone, its requirements certainly are: federal government agencies must prepare environmental assessments (EAs) and environmental impact statements (EISs) regarding potential environmental impacts of federal decisions and actions. Ivan White speaks from experience about environmental impact statements, having participated in the drafting of some of them himself. He will explore the complexity of meeting NEPA's requirements and the corresponding complexity of the EISs, which now sometimes comprise multiple volumes.



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